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knows what happens when you go into the hudson river. >> very good point. without a scuba suit. >> scooped him right out. >> not my cup of tea. >> macho dude. >> i'll watch. >> close call for dick van dyke. >> horrifying ordeal he is joking about. uh. >> if your back to school include a laptop. we have a show for good-byes. you're watching "world news now." ♪ back back to school ♪ yeah >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol no mess toilet bowl. ee. itou sm. lysol no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner not lyurlet with every flush, but also freshens your entire bathroom. ven in between deep cleans,
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♪ chitty-chitty bang bang chitty-chitty bang bang we love you ♪ >> a four fender friend on the los angeles freeway for dick van dyke. >> experienced his own chitty-chitty bang bang, in his late model jaguar it caught on fire then it exploded. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: the iconic star known for famous roles in tv shows and movies like "mary poppins." ♪ dick van dyke's drama on california's highway 101 looks more like a scene out of an action movie. his car catching fire. the engine exploding. leaving behind this charred mess. but vandyke alive and well, joking abut the offduty fire fighter who pulled him out of the car. just in time before the fire
2:40 am
started. >> they thought i passed out. they yang yanked me out of the . i was trying to call the dmv. >> reporter: vandyke on the way to the dentist in california the he knew there was something wrong. >> it just started making a noise. then it started smoking. >> reporter: vandyke's wife, arlene posting video of the scene on social network vine, he's fine, thank god. vandyke is thanking the three heroes he says happened to be on the highway before the fire. >> a fireman, a nurse and a cop. just happened to be passing by. >> reporter: wow. >> somebody is looking out for me. >> reporter: adoring fans will remember the famous scene in "chitty chitty bang bang" where vandyke's car took flight. but vandyke cracks a joke about his real life car. with a playful messe. >> just tell them i have a nice used car for sale.
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>> reporter: a funny man walks away with the same smile we all love. gio benitez, abc new, new york. >> he has such a great sense of humor about the whole thing. he is telling the camera guy they thought i was slumped over my wheel. first reports. slumped over the wheel. maybe an accident. i was trying to get in contact with the dmv to tell them his car was about to, who knows what. he deidn't even know. then jokes about the fact he has a nice used car for sale. that's the car. >> give it to you for a song. he is 87 years old. look at him. great sense of humor. looks fantastic. an american icon. did you see any classics back? >> i remember "mary poppins." >> jim-jimeny. >> you remember "chitty-chitty bang bang." not on its first run.
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>> have you taken alexa. may have seen "chitty-chitty bang bang on tv." >> and "mary poppins." >> one i'll have to watch. >> he catches the kids. puts them in the truck. horrible. kind of scary. >> he is right. heroes. everybody else looking after him. serious angels on his side. that car did not end up looking all that great. he looks great. >> so glad he is okay. a lot more news up ahead. next, latest greatest lap tops for your kids when you go back to school. >> you are watching abc's "world news now." we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. you know many kids are already heading back to school. beside the usual, note books, pencils, kids these days are increasingly stuffing lap tops into their backpacks. here to give us a look at this year's models, our tech contributor tina trin. we have no idea where to start. >> there are so many choices it will make your head spin. now is a great time to buy. there are tons of sales going on. >> okay. let's get started. >> start with dell latitude 3330. this is great if you want a basic, no frills computer. it has windows 7 pro, also nice. because not everybody is loving
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windows 8 right now. and the tiles are driving you a little crazy. afford it. go ahead and upgrade to core i 3 processor, 560. good deal. zippier performance. >> everything you want. semilow tech. quick. >> all right. >> yes. next, vio book, x 2 xe. it will be smaller. just great for throwing in your bag. going to the library. coffee shop. you have a touch screen. and -- you have windows 8, the latest operating system. all for $450. >> this is a steal. >> this is one of my favorite ones. from linovo, idea pad yoga, 11-7. super nice. touch screen. windows 8. really awesome thing about it. check this out. you can use it as a tablet.
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>> yes. it is a touch screen. prop it up. watch a movie. you can basically do whatever you want with it. >> essentially a tablet except that if you need the added bonus of a keyboard there it is. >> it is actually an ultrabook laptop. it is a laptop first. but you can use it as a tablet. you can use it as a movie stand for, catching movies in the dorm room. little pricier. $750. but a really, all around fabulous computer. >> you do get a nice compute r and comes with the nifty color and more colors than just orange. you get a few different things. probably more for somebody going to college who wants to be stylish than any body going to grade school and need basics. >> fun stuff. if you want a little bigger screen. i have sony vio fit, 15-e. >> turn it on. >> this is, 15 1/2 inch screen.
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>> beg one. >> a big one. maybe you're cool with just having it at your desk. and it being your main computer. plus, if you're, say, you're a film student or a movie buff, a full hd screen, 1920, 10, adp resolution movies will look gorgeous on the screen. because you have a roomy keyboard the they throw in the numerical key pad the a math major, accounting major. great to have. you are not pecking at the top row. >> given me a whole lot of ex-trex ex- -- extras. >> $579 starting out. add the touch screen. you can do that or not. and you can also, you can add in like -- an extra, belttter processor, core i 3. bring it up to $630.
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>> still not so terrible. >> you have options. >> especially so much for the price. >> i like it. you can configure how the you want. get a customized computer. still a good value. >> tina trin, as usual. thank you for joining us. all the best tips. four great options for you heading back to school. there you have it. we'll be right back. ♪ it's back back back to school ♪
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♪ and you're going to hear me roar ♪ ♪ you're going to hear me roar >> nearly 1,200 firefighters battling the fierce beaver creek wildfire in central idaho. >> while 2,000 homes remain under evacuation in ketchum one local business is keeping its doors open.
2:52 am
>> we enjoy seeing the smile on their face when they comen and get a cup of coffee. >> reporter: the summer season at its peak, not the typical scene. 105,000 acres scorchedch the wildfire darkening skies and the doorsteps of local businesses. but ketchum star buck's owner charts a different recipe. vowing to stay open. neighbors grateful for a central spot to gather and get out of the smoken this time of concern. >> having george open starbuck's here gives us a meeting point in the morning to come down here or any time during the day the we have the ranger district giving us summaries of the previous day's activities and what they protect the fire to be doing. makes us feel a little bit more comfortable. >> all at once everyone tried to get out of here. it still looks look a ghost town around here. just refreshing having some one stand their ground almost and stay.
2:53 am
>> reporter: george is a former fire fighter who charges the men and women on the front line nothing for the needed pick me up. >> they're busting their humps. working their tails off day and night. this fire has gone to a 24-hour fire they're watching it. they've don't get much rest. >> reporter: in a time of distress the homeowners look to one of their own, a community leader, whose open door policy means more than he could ever realize. >> thanks, george. most of all. >> it was an easy decision for us to make to stay open. >> it is not about any financial gains or anything lech that. >> and it is a coffee shop. >> yes. this is true i think definition of what community is about. he realizes his community need him. he could pack up. board up. put fire retardant around his store and get out look everybody else. he realizes his community needed him. >> i would be grateful for him staying open.
2:54 am
>> coffee. >> you have to have it. >> specially the chocolate covered coffee beans. >> yes. >> that's what you need you haven't been able to sleep and can't sleep for the next couple day. >> those will keep you up for sure. >> for sure.
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if we have to die so that the next generation can live freely then so be it. >> this morning on "world news now," the battle for control of a country. an uneasy calm in egypt, a top official is detained. cairo under a state of emergency. plus -- >> i know that not everyone is against me. sometimes it seems with all the booing. i have a lot of people in my corner. >> from fans to fellow players the heat is growing on a-rod. this morning, he is preparred to
2:57 am
gurbanguly berdymukhammedov s. and later -- >> he is a little bit of a rascal. >> a first look at prince george, how his papa reveals how his fatherhood is treating hi and how he got the car seat snapped in so quickly. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. >> good tuesday morning, everybody. >> good tuesday morning. >> we are not close to the weekend. >> not close. hump day is far away. >> i like hump day. i can't wait until hump day. i can see the weekend. tuesday is not there. one day of the week everybody is like, just tuesday. >> slog on through. you ready. >> let's do it. >> have some fun. first begin with a health care, vice president biden's elder son, bo biden undergoing medical tests in houston after being hospitalized for weakness and
2:58 am
disorientation. the vice president traveled with his son to texas and has been by his side. this isn't the first health scare for bo biden. he suffered a mild stroke in 2010. also not the first time the vice president has had to be next to his son. in 2010 when he had the stroke. and in 1972 when his then wife and young daughter died in the horrific car crash. only bo and his brother hunter only survivors in the car crash. there was the vice president. >> weeks after he was elected. had to take the oath of office at his bedside. >> at his bedside. when he started his trips by train. which he, he, did for very long time. continues to do. so, hopefully obviously we hope for the very best he gets better. >> absolutely. let's move overseas to egypt where there have been major developments overnight. spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood, has been detained by police in cairo. he and one of his powerful deputies will go on trial later
2:59 am
this month accused of killing eight protesters. >> a dawn to dusk curfew in effect in cairo as the the city tries to get back to normal. abc's martha raddatz is there. >> so where does this go from and were you shot? >> yeah. >> reporter: we speck oke to 25-year-old mohamed sultan shot last week by egyptian forces in the eruption of violence he represents egypt's future, best and brightest, graduating from the united states's ohio state university. >> if we have to die so the next generation can live freely so be it. >> reporter: weeks ago we walked amongst jubilant protesters in the square. across town, with the pro-morsi crowd, building tents and digging in, there was hope for a peaceful end.
3:00 am
instead, the egyptian security forces demolished this tent city, killing hundreds of people. on the very same spot we were just weeks ago, the scene is truly stunning. burned out buildings, very few people walking around and so much rubble. this is fast becoming a simmering civil war. one of america's great allies in this region, awash in blood. on one side, the government admitted that 36 islamists in its custody were killed. while on the other, militants slaughtered two dozen egyptian police. the main concern as the killing continues is turning this new generation into fighters against not only the egyptian military, but the u.s. as well. martha raddatz. abc news, cairo. olympic printer and double leg amputee, oscar pistorius, will be tried for the murder of his girlfriend next march. one of the developments from
3:01 am
pistorius' court appearance yesterday. pistorius admitted to killing reeva steenkamp in february. he says he shot her by accident. pistorius face is a life sentence if convicted. >> now back at home, central idaho, residents are slowly allowed to return to their homes which have been, had been threatened by a fast-moving wildfire. abc's aditi roy is on the fire line. >> reporter: fanned by west winds, the beaver creek fire burns deep in the hills of sun valley, idaho. more than 100,000 acres scorched and nearly 1,200 crews attacking flames and smoke from above -- and below. fire fighters are working against hot, dry weather and wind gusts. turning the fire into tornado-like spirals. these firefighters are putting in a sprinkler system to protect the homes.
3:02 am
most of their work is done with hand tools, like this pulaski, digging away debris, shrubs, anything flammable toy yaet mak the flames don't burn below the point. 10,000 homes at risk. among them some of the most expensive real estate in the country. multimillion dollar mansions. bruce willis' 8,000 square foot vacation home is less than a mile away from the fire zone. fellow action star, arnold schwarzenegger owns an estate six miles from the fire line. the crews protecting homes include private fire companies hired by insurance companies. >> i understand why insurance come pans sent the armada to protect the high valued homes, i didn't have any problem as long as they stay out of the way. >> we are able to spend some money in order to save a lot of
3:03 am
money. any company will want to do that. >> reporter: authorities tell me there are 12 private outfits servicing the area. standing in front of the hot spot, timber gulch, the smoke smoldering above me. there could be relieven sight. officials say there is a chance of rain. aditi roy, abc new, idaho. >> mechanical problem to blame for a deadly fire in a limousine last may. five nurses killed when the limousine they were riding in, became engulfed in flames. friend celebrating a wedding. blaze caused by rear suspension system which failed and ignited the carpeting. that set the vehicle on fire. the limo's operator, fined $1,500 for having more passengers than allowed. >> new jersey the second state to ban conversion therapy when counselors try to turn gay kids straight. in signing the ban, chris christie reiterated his belief that paem are born gay and homosexuality is not a sin. several young people told law makers horror stories about what
3:04 am
they were subjected to during conversion therapy. >> i a child was shocked repeatedly by people who had my parents' per motion to torture me. >> i have always believed that people -- are born with, with the predisposition to be homosexual. >> this decision marked the third time this month that christie staked out a mid rat position on hot button social issue he seeks a second term and perhaps with an eye for the white house toward 2016. >> mayor bob filner spotted. embattled san doing mayor accused by 15 women of sexual harassment. 15 minutes after he made an entrance into a building, attorney gloria allred followed. filner would look to return to work but it is under intense pressure to resign. >> 25 of 30 settlements are expected by the end of the week in the jerry sandusky penn state sexual abuse scandal.
3:05 am
on the heels of a first settlement with a young man, victim number five, exact set e settlement was not given but referred to as several million dollars. the young man's attorney, tom klein spoke to the press. >> i looked into his eyes when i told him the case had finally been resolved. i saw the same tears that i saw when he was on the witness stand. >> as part of the settlement, penn state has the right to seek payment for third parties. insurers and sandusky's second mile foundation. >> special day, decades in the making for one of the nfl's legendary teams. 1972 miami dolphins the only nfl team ever to finer a season undefeated. but they were never recognized with a white house visit after winning the super bowl in january 1973. that changes today when president obama welcomes the team, don shula, and the running back are expected to attend. boy, oh, boy, are we happy for them. finally. >> i watched that team, believe
3:06 am
it or not. quite little. i remember larry zunka. >> remember them not getting to the white house. >> i don't think anybody went to the white house in those days. president nixon had a lot of things on his mind at the moment. >> a little busy. well, widely accepted the sheep in new zealand outnumber the people living there. >> an amazing stat. a scene look this one isn't so strange. a guy and a camera, come across a large flock in the fee. take a listen. >> what do you want? when do you want it? [ sheep bleating ] >> you get the idea. you also get the idea why this is our "favorite story of the day." this goes on a while longer, the guy, getting the sheep support for candidates. the guy seems to get the least amount. >> the union picketing
3:07 am
construction in a building. what do we want? more money? union workers now. >> trying to say more food now. >> more gas now. >> what i love they wait for him to ask the question before they respond. >> yeah, exactly. they know the drill. >>en ka ein case you are wonder the demographics, sheep outnumber humans 7 to 1 in new zealand the a lot of sheep. >> want to go to new zealand. looks beautiful. >> wool coats. >> mutten chops. good things. royal family portrait. seeing new pictures of the little prince george as his dad speaks out about fatherhood so far. >> a-rod under pressure again. first investigators, fans, and now fellow baseball players could be sharing their feelings about the doping allegations. you are watching "world news now." ♪ glory days pass you by ♪ yeah glory days >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. ..
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ding finish power up tooudeterg brings your dishwasher back to life. dishwasher buildup, cloudiness, spots, even tough stains- gone! so don't give up. add finish power up. >> as a kid, i made a list of all the places i wanted to visit. i'm still not gonna make it to mars, but, thanks to hotwire's incredibly low travel prices, i can afford to cross more things off my list. this year alone, we went to the top of the statue of liberty and still saved enough to go to texas, to a real dude ranch. hotwire checks the competition's rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices, so we got our four-star hotels for half price. next up, hollywood! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e, ♪ >> man: save big on car rentals too, from $11.95 a day.
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♪ ♪ >> well the glory days for yankee superstar alex rodriguez appear to be fading by the hours, public support waning,
3:12 am
fans disillusioned with his suspension. >> a low blow from an opposing team member on the field. the question its was it an accident. here is abc's paula faris. >> reporter: take the most villified athlete in sports, new york yankees' alex rodriguez, add archrivals, boston red sox. and you get this. pitcher ryan dempster called it an innocent mistake. >> drag to pitch him inside. >> ryan dempster is a hero. plunking alex rodriguez as he should have last night. >> reporter: in boston the incident was the hot topic on weei, sports radio. >> i thought it was great. i salute him for doing what so many of us would have wanted to do in that situation. >> what's wrong is wrong. unprofessional and silly. >> reporter: word from a player fighting a 211-game suspension for cheating and obstructing baseball's investigation into the company that allegedly
3:13 am
supplied rodriguez and nearly a dozen others with banned substances. >> a-rod can't stay out of the headlines. >> reporter: now allegations that rodriguez is trying to take others down with him. a 60 minutes report that he leaked names. now the team that will pay him over $250 million isn't comfortable speaking with him after rodriguez accused the yankees of mismanaging his medical care. >> not everyone is against me. with all the bullying. i have a lot of people mine corner. >> reporter: we have just yet to see them surface. paula faris, abc new, new york. >> i personally thing it was definitely intentional. and i think the pitcher did the right thing. i was just trying to pitch him tight. my story, sticking to it. it was the perfect spot when you want to plunk somebody which happens in the game. aim for here. can't get out of the way. not out of the head. perfectly thrown. >> one of the spots. if you want to hit some one you
3:14 am
hit them. you can say i wasn't trying to hit them. wasn't what i was doing. if you watch the game it got pretty heated. manager for the yankees, joe girardi in the face of the umpire. he wanted the guy thrown out. you know what he is doing. trying to take matters into his own hands. the ump didn't. >> a-rod got the last laugh. hit the home run, four innings later. >> he won the game. >> yes. much more ahead on "world news now" -- up next our first peek at britain's heir to the throne and how mum and dad are holding up. >> next hour, fertility fund-raising. the growing number of couples who can't have children and don't have money for treatments. how they are finding help online. you are watching "world news now."
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3:16 am
♪ beautiful beautiful beautiful boy ♪ >> all right. getting our first looks at a certain little beautiful boy across the pond. >> buckingham palace released the first official images of prince george hearing from prince william himself on what it is look to be a proud papa. here is abc's karen travers. >> reporter: his first official photo shoot but it looks like prince george slept through it look a baby. kensington palace released two photos, of prince william, duchess of cambridge and the little prince. taken by katherine's father taken at the middleton's family home this month. last month prince jrngeorge had world debut, and dad prince william said he was happy to show off the little prince >> glad he wasn't screaming his head off. >> reporter: prince william sat down with cnn for his first interview since he and katherine welcomed prince george last month. the royal heir isn't a-month-old
3:17 am
but his dad said he has quite the personality. >> he is a little bit of a rascal. >> reporter: prince william sound smitten, when it comes to his son's sleep habits he sounded like any new exhausted parent. >> doesn't want to go to sleep that much. a little problem. >> up a lot at night? >> little bit. not as much as katherine. she is doing a fantastic job. >> reporter: hearts melted around the world when the first time dad carried his son out of st. mary's hospital and scored major points for making sure the rly secured. >> i had actually practiced with the seat. >> reporter: the prince surprised onlookers by chauffeuring his family home. >> i think driving your son and wife away from hospital was really important to me. i don't like fuss, so it's much easier to do it yourself. >> reporter: quite the modern dad. prince william proudly said he changed the first diaper. >> i wasn't allowed to get away with that, every midwife, saying "you do it. you do it." >> karen travers, abc news,
3:18 am
washington. >> proud father. very happy. >> so down to earth. you know, they're royal. so they can have these elaborate picture sessions and portraits done and picture, painted and all this. they had it in the backyard. >> keeping it real. >> yes, down to earth. >> would have been an official portrait with the whole family, red velvet. >> they're going to get one any way, don't you think? >> i hope so.
3:19 am
3:20 am
3:21 am
welcome into "the mix." probably my favorite story of the entire day. prince released the cover art of his brand new song. it is something that is reminiscent of if you are into pop culture at all you will recognize this immediately. there it is. that is actually dave chapelle from his dave chapelle show in the early 2000s where he did a skit, talked, imitated, and was prince playing a basketball game. if you remember, prince said,
3:22 am
you know what? why not. everybody knows this more than they know the new song, obviously. take a look. if you don't remember the skit. take a look. this is summing up what the skit was all about. >> i mean it wasn't like it was close. it was a landslide victory. game. blouses. >> there you have it, the basketball game between charlie murphy and his crew, prince and his crew. the shirts verses the blouses. and the whole deal was that prince is an incredible basketball play ear cording to charlie murphy and kicked their butt. after the game apparently, served them all pancakes. a fitting, i guess there it is, served them pancakes. fitting cover for "breakfast can wait. "quickly listen to what the song sounds like.
3:23 am
♪ please don't rush out so soon ♪ ♪ leave me like this >> there you have it the whole story in a nutshell, from prince, dave chapelle, merged into one. my world is complete. >> good sense of humor. apparently a great basketball player for real. >> that's what they say. >> couch potato's dream, get this for ducis, take a look at the glasses. glasses that allow you to lie flat. don't have to hold your head up. didn't have to prop your head up. look at the computer, tv, book, they operate like a periscope, like in submarine. cost $50. bounce light from place to place. and lie flat out and see all the stuff up there. >> i want one. 30 second. have to tell you. 70-year-old guy in australia rushed to the hospital because he stuffed a 4 inch fork into his urethra in an attempt to
3:24 am
achieve sexual gratification. not the first time. he inserted pen, safety pins, glue, marbles, carrots, snakes into the same place. doctor
3:25 am
3:26 am
this morning on "world news now" -- a rare calm in egypt. tension is brewing under the surface as one leader is detained and word that another could be released from prison. >> a developing story, a health scare for vice president joe biden's son. why he is undergoing tests and the medical history that could have doctors concerned. >> an addition to the first family. see the obama's new, adorable puppy. >> america's favorite mini-commander-in-chief. landing a big scoop and pretty coveted kiss. all ahead in "the skinny."
3:27 am
it's tuesday, august 20th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez. good tuesday morning. we are going to begin this half-hour with news of a significant arrest in egypt. spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood in police custody. >> this comes as the u.s. is considering its options in the region. abc's karen travers joining us from washington with more on this. >> reporter: good morning, diana. good morning, john. secretary of defense chuck hagel admitted yesterday there isn't much the u.s. can do right now. this is up to the egyptian people. an uneasy calm in egypt, a break from the horrific violence last week. but a brazen daylight attack in the sinai peninsula. militants ambushed two buses carrying off duty police officers forced them to lie on the ground before they shot them t 25 were killed. here in washington the obama administration is anxiously
3:28 am
monitoring the situation there, secretary of defense chuck hagel acknowledged there really isn't much the u.s. can do but watch and wait. >> our ability to influence the outcome in egypt is limited. it's up to the egyptian people. >> reporter: egypt is a critical ally in the middle east. the u.s. gives $1 billion in military aid there every year. but that funding may now be in jeopardy. based on recent instability and violence, the u.s. is reviewing the aid. >> there certainly are consequences for the actions that are taken by the interim government. >> reporter: adding to the volatile situation in egypt, former president hosni mubarak could be released. from custody this week. on retrial for the deaths of hundreds of protesters during the 2011 revolution that resulted in his ouster. judicial officials said there were no longer grounds to keep mubarak in custody pending a final verdict. >> the white house would not weigh in. >> an egyptian legal matter and
3:29 am
something i will leave for them to determine. >> reporter: the u.n. said yesterday it was sending to egypt a former top u.s. ambassador to try to resolve this conflict. john, diana. >> thank you, karen. over 29,000 syrians have fled the country and crossed into iraq since thursday. the u.n. called it the largest migration of refugees from syria since the conflict in 2011. 20,000 fled on thursday alone. more than 1.9 million syrians have sought refuge in neighboring countries since the civil war started. >> vice president biden's elder son beau is undergoing medical testing in houston after feeling weak and disoriented. beau biden, delaware's attorney general suffered a mild stroke in 2010. vice president biden accompanied his son to texas and has been by his side. >> crews appeared to turn the corner in the battle against a fire burning in central idaho. residents slowly being allowed to return to homes near ketchum and sun valley. thunderstorms expected in the fire zone today. which will bring moisture but
3:30 am
also the threat of lightning. >> centers for disease control reporting that lyme disease rates are ten times higher than previously reported. the illness, which is spread by deer ticks the size of a poppyseed is affecting 300,000 people a year. symptoms, a fever, headache and distinctive rash a bulls eye around the bite. >> new jersey's governor chris christie signed a bill that bans a controversial method claiming to cure gay children. here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: mordacai levicitz said his parents forced him into gay conversion therapy at ripe old age of 6. >> i was worried in school, is -- oh, wait a second, is my wrist too limp, or am i walking too girlie. and i would feel terrible about it. >> reporter: one of the young people who lined up to tell their horror stories to new jersey law makers. stories of shock therapy. >> i, a child was shocked
3:31 am
repeatedly by people who had my parents permission to torture me. >> reporter: the new jersey governor chris christie signed the bill outlawing the therapy for minors citing american psychological association finding trying to turn some one from gay to straight poses serious health risks -- depression, substance abuse and even suicide. new jersey becomes the second state to do so. california banned it last year. christie, a catholic republican who may have his eye on the white house, explained his views this way on cnn. >> i have always believed that people are born with, with the predisposition to be homosexual. >> reporter: this type of therapy remains legal for adults. we visited a gay conversion camp near houston in 2010. it was the first time cameras had been allowed inside a journey into manhood retreat. we met preston who said he is able to suppress his urges to be with men and claims he is happily married to a woman. >> it's been absolutely
3:32 am
miraculous. >> reporter: mordacai doesn't buy it. >> it does really hurt me to see so many other kids are going to therapists and counselors who just instill this kind of shame on them. >> reporter: all in an attempt to fix something he says was never broken. ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> to me, troubling about that kind of counseling, troubling period. when you are dealing with minors. >> right. >> and you know, they could feel bullied. they can feel. if an adult decide to seek that type of counseling. >> sure, why not? >> maybe, he or she is making an adult choice. but to put a kid in that situation. >> sure. >> i'm -- obviously something that doesn't seem like a good idea if you ask me. >> the kids are being sent by their parents. which is for me even more disturbing. >> christie saying he doesn't believe being gay is a sin.
3:33 am
andsome people a sompeople are . >> might be his platform we are looking at. the beginning of it. let's move on to the rest of the story for today. in a classic case of being a sore loser, a robber returned to the scene of his unsuccessful crime and tried it again. pennsylvania convenience store clerk grabbed the gun of his masked assailant. who was holding him up. he fled and returned for his gun back and asked if he could have some money. the clerk wasn't feeling generous. instead of -- >> he took the money. >> yeah. $1,000 reward for the arrest of the bandit with a whole lot of nerve. >> that is incredible. >> can i see his face. wasn't looking at the video. because i was reading. >> can't see it. he has the bandanna. that he would come back while the guy had the gun. >> you have got some big ones to do that. >> lucky he didn't get shot. >> and throws the cash drawer at
3:34 am
the guy. >> tries to get his gun back. that didn't work. so he leaves. oh! >> that ended without anybody getting shot is quite amazing. >> yeah. >> weather, evidence of how fast rain can make big problems. this hatch -- this happened on sunday engulf port, mississippi. storm hit during a church service. the rain fell so much worshippers became stranded in the church. 6 inches of rain falling in two hours there. the bishop says the property has drainage problems. only time the flooding was worse was during hurricane katrina. whoa. my. likely to be more flooding there today. there will also be heavy rain across the southeast into the mid-atlantic states. clear in the northeast across the midwest and plains. showers in the southwest and rockies. >> 97 degrees in denver. colorado springs. warming up in new york. haven't seen 86 here in weeks. 76, seattle. 90 minneapolis. miami. 109 degrees of dry, pizza oven heat in phoenix. >> the pet population at the white house is increasing by
3:35 am
one. the first family has welcomed a second dog. her name is sunny, a portuguese water dog. >> same breed as bo, the obama's first dog. the white house says -- the breed works well for the obamas because of family allergies. sunny is entirely black, bo has a couple white spots down the middle and on paws. as you can see. >> i would hope the dogs have been fixed, i would say. >> i think so -- >> both, male/female. >> new one is a female. >> oh. >> sunny looks bigger than the male. >> may have a bunch of litters. coming around. >> good for families allergic to dander. >> that's right. that's right. very adorable. >> hollywood mourning yet another young star. >> girls and guns -- why women are the fastest growing segment of gun owners. you are watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. ♪ janie got a gun
3:36 am
>> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by consumer cellular. ♪
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♪ janie got a gun >> so these days not only does ♪ janie got a gun ♪ janie got a gun >> so these days not only does janie have a gun but also barbara, danielle, tracy, while the gun control debate rages on, one of the fastest populations buying guns is women. abc's juju chang has more on this new breed of firearms consumer. >> fire! >> reporter: for these women, girl power means fire power. >> good! >> reporter: these are the sure shots, a women's only shooting league based in austin, texas. >> rock out, girl! >> that was awesome! >> reporter: nationwide gun ownership is at an all-time high. now a record 23% of women say they own a gun. >> fire! >> reporter: these women are dead serious about the right to bear arms. >> you have to think defensively all the time. you have to think about it when you are in your car. you have to think about it at the grocery store. it just takes a second for everything to change. >> reporter: this sisterhood of
3:41 am
local gun enthusiasts has quickly gained hundred of membersen two years. from 9-year-old gia who hopes to shoot in the 2020 olympics. to 63-year-old marsha who discovered shooting a few years ago. >> we got most of them. 8, 9s, and 0s, right on the x. the gun industry markets to women with smaller more female friendly firearms, customizable handguns, high powered rifles awash in pink and loads of accessories for the fashion forward shooter. products like flash bang bra holster can uniquely conceal a weapon on a a woman's body. there are so many new products, l.a. based gun blogger, emily foster, started "a girl's guide to guns." to help women navigate the world of shooting. >> they want a lot more information from what gun to buy to what holsters to use, to what hair do do you want to use to make, you know yourself look cute at the range. the industry is letting us have a lot of fun with our firearms.
3:42 am
and women are owning it and in a really cool way. >> reporter: laurie saffion works with women against gun violence. >> for every time a gun is fired in self defense there are four accidental shootings, there are seven homicides or assaults and 11 attempted or successful suicides. >> reporter: laurie believes guns don't make women safer but reasonable gun control will. >> let's come together where we can around common sense solutions and laws that are really going to make a difference for women. and are going to save their lives. >> reporter: universal background checks even a ban on high capacity magazines, are gun control measures, holly, for one stand firmly against. >> no one has the right to tell us what is good for the next person. i don't dictate what is best for your family. and you shouldn't dictate what
3:43 am
is best for my family. if you want to carry a 30 round magazine, by golly, do it. >> reporter: for "nightline," juju chang, austin, texas. >> diana, will you be a pistol- packing mama. >> no. i don't think so. i'm not the type. what we do in our personal lives is our own personal business. but carrying a gun on myself. >> make you feel more vulnerable than safe? >> yes. hey! >> hey. daisy duke with a gun. >> me out on the farm, shooting my ducks. ha-ha. >> wow. >> nicely done. >> self protection i well use my pepper spray. leave the gun at home. >> scratch somebody's eyes with your nails. >> my sharp nails will get you. and my pen. stab you with my pen. moving on to our story coming up. young olympian is heading to college. >> and kid president tackles an important global issue and gets a kiss from beyonce. how lucky is he? "the skinny" is next. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. why choose land o' lakes butter in half sticks? it's pre-measured.
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fresh tasting. and it's only from land o' lakes.
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♪ skinny so skinny >> "the skinny" time. my daughter is a swimmer. slightly obsessed with swimmer. missy franklin in the olympics, i don't know, i'm sure most people at home know, she won four gold medals in high school. she is 18 years old now going off to college. isn't that cool. going to go to the university of california-berkeley. she is excited about it.
3:46 am
she is only 18. she says, "i have heard so many incredible things about college and given up so much for this experience. i am looking forward to it." as for gold medals she will not be taking them to berkeley instead keep them at home with her parents and safe deposit box and take them out for special occasions. all interview with "people" magazine. when asked if fellow classmates will recognize her at the new school, she laughed and said i will go there like missy, like any freshman and have the time of her life. i am sure her team, university of california-berkeley will vault to god knows what with her on the team. >> six gold medals under her belt. only going to get better from here. i have a feeling. >> absolutely. >> good for her. sure she just wants to be a there mall kid, right. really sad news, a young person here, talking about lee thomas -- lee thompson young, former disney star, passed away, self-inflicted gunshot wound. found by his landlady, and didn't report to his new gig, on the set of "rosalie and
3:47 am
isles" works as a police officer. she discovered him. he became famous, shot to stardom in "the famous jett jackson" a star who had a double identity. he was famous, also look a crime fighter. and so, there you have it. take a listen. [ no audio ] >> we, of course are very sad about this. and wish his family the best. >> lot of people on our staff watched that show religiously. i was a little old for the show. loved the character and loved the show. >> sam here. of course they did. >> yes. >> pretty cool. the kid president, pint-sized kid. >> love him. totally awesome. got to meet beyonce. got more than that. the self-proclaimed kid president, robbie novak, third grader east chester elementary school. got a kiss from beyonce. listen to this -- >> what, humanitarian day, so -- >> well, i know it is so admirable for people around the world that dedicate their lives to other people. and i think it's --
3:48 am
>> all right. thanked the superstar for the time. said are we best friend? beyonce said only if i get a kiss on the cheek. come on, kid president. in fact the kid president. planted the wet one. >> are we going to see it. we have ten second. are we going to be able to see it. >> sometimes you have got to let go. right? way to go. >> now they're besties. adorable. >> now they're besties. how cool.
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
♪ ♪ i need some money so bad i need some money ♪ ♪ oh yeah i don't know what song that is. i got to learn how to play that. ♪ i need some money so bad >> people in need of money so bad these days have turned to the internet to raise fund from business ventures to school and just to pay their bills. >> now a new category of fundraisers discovered crowd funding, families struggling with infertility. abc's bianna golodryga has more. >> reporter: they say it takes a village to raise a child.
3:52 am
what about to conceive one? >> we knew we couldn't do it on our own. we knew we needed something. >> reporter: meet this couple, like so many couples they have had trouble getting pregnant. >> at first i really did start to feel broken. something inside of me wasn't working. so i must be broken. >> reporter: unlike most couples they're now turning to strangers on the internet to help pay for ivf treatments. >> people that have a lot of love for us have shared and said "please help them. we want them to have a baby." >> reporter: they have raised $4,500 out of their $18,000 goal, thanks to the website allows users to raise money for all kinds of causes is part of a new online trend called crowd funding, made popular by kickstarter, crowd funding has been used to launch businesses. but crowd funding for fertility is brand new. mommy blogger, vanessa bell had
3:53 am
never heard of it until she stumbled across the couple's page an decided to donate. >> it is an option for moms and moms struggling to conceive. >> reporter: there is the risk the couple's crowd funding efforts could ultimately be in vain. >> ibf is not 100% successful every cycle. it could be anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000 per cycle. again there is no guarantee it will only take one cycle to result in a live birth. >> reporter: the couple remains hopeful their dreams of a family will come true. all through the click of a mouse and the kindness of strangers. bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. $5,000, almost, wish them luck. >> one way for somebody who wants to help. don't know how to help to. chip in. >> i say, we need something, a crowd funding for john and diana to go to new orleans and party like rock stars for mardi gras. >> i love that idea.
3:54 am
we didn't come up with this before. you just came up with this on your own. >> yes, made it up right now. >> if all of our viewers would donate $1. that would be great. ha-ha-ha. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" -- informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:55 am
3:56 am
making news in america this morning. breaking news on the situation in egypt. it appears the obama administration is taking steps to stop aid to the country in chaos for now. we're live in washington with details. and close call. hollywood legend dick van dyke, this morning, he's talking about his escape from that burning car. picture-perfect. our first look at prince george. and prince william is opening up about fatherhood. another obama. a new member of the first family is introduced to the country.
3:57 am
and good tuesday morning. we begin with breaking news from egypt. and reports that the white house is now temporarily cutting off military aid to the country. >> meantime, the military continues its crackdown with the arrest of a top muslim brotherhood leader. preeti arla has more. >> reporter: the obama administration has been watching the situation closely. and whether or not to cut aid has been part of an ongoing process. the administration moved to temporary cut some aid. as the violence continues on the streets of egypt, there's word, now, the obama administration quietly suspended some aid to the country. according to "the daily beast," the u.s. made the move, despite the military takeover in the
3:58 am
country hasn't officially been called a coup. >> there certainly are consequences for the actions that are taken by the interim government. >> reporter: lawmakers are debating whether cutting aid is the right move. >> that aid is essential to the ability of the egyptian government to honor its peace agreement with israel. >> reporter: the chaos continues in the country. and the bodies of 25 police officers killed in an ambush by suspected islamic militants, were taken back to a military base in cairo. there's growing fear of more tensions, with word that hosni mubarak could be set free as he awaits a retrial. there's no ground to hold him as he waits for a final verdict. >> there is a very complicated problem. our ability to influence the outcome in egypt is limited. it's up to the egyptian people.
3:59 am
>> reporter: the top united nations political adviser, former diplomat to the middle east, will head to cairo to help deal with the crisis. the goal is to figure out how the united nations can help resolve the conflict. john? >> preeti arla in washington. thank you. former pakistani president pervez musharraf has been charged with murder. he was indicted and six others in the death of pakistani prime minister, benazir bhutto. bhutto died in the 2007 gun and bomb attack at a political rally. musharraf denied the charges. and the hearing is set for august 27th. vice president biden's son is facing a health scare this morning. after being hospitalized last week for weakness and disorientation. the vice president traveled with his son to texas and has been at his side. this isn't the first health scare for beau biden, who is delaware's attorney general. he suffered a mild stroke in 2010. new this morning, ted cruz

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